T360 Real Estate Almanac Selects Connect Now Inc.

Connect Now Selected as a Premier Technology Provider In The T360 Real Estate Almanac 2020

Announcing the 2020 T360 Real Estate Almanac, which helps real estate professionals find the best products and services for every stage of the sales funnel.

T360 the residential real estate brokerage industry’s leading management consulting and research firm, has released the 2020 T360 Real Estate Almanac. This report identifies the absolute best companies, products, and services for the real estate industry each year.

T360 Real Estate Almanac 2020

The compendium includes 2,257 companies, organizations and leaders who excelled in 2019 and led the industry in 2020. T3 Sixty uses its proprietary algorithms to test and benchmark data against industry parameters and regional standards to determine who and what should be listed in their prestigious Real Estate Almanac.

“I hope the compendium provides as much value to the industry and the joy it gave us in creating it” said Stefan Swanepoel, the Real Estate Almanac’s editor-in-chief and CEO of T3 Sixty.

Connect Now Inc.’s mobile app and dashboard platform helps real estate professional’s convert more leads into closed transactions. It uses complex, availability-based routing rules and team hierarchies to ensure every consumer inquiry receives a response in seconds. The product also provides enhanced lead profile data and advanced analytics about lead sources and team performance for brokers.

“Connect Now is thrilled to be recognized as an innovative technology provider by T3 Sixty. We strive every day to provide the tools that make agents and brokers more productive and successful. An acknowledgement by a respected industry resource like T3 Sixty really validates our hard work for customers.” said Karen Norris-Roberts, VP Sales and Marketing for Connect Now.

More specifically, the Connect Now platform was selected as a top provider in the categories for Lead Management and Conversion System, Chat Systems, Texting Platforms, Lead Routing Systems, and as a premier Technology Provider. The Tech 500, indexing 279 technology services providers across 63 different functionalities.



In our fast-paced, on-demand world, consumers expect fast solutions in their moment of need. Salespeople know that responding more quickly to motivated buyers equals more business. And business leaders want better visibility & ROI throughout the sales process. Connect Now is the intelligent, plug-and-play technology platform that delivers all three – by bringing available sales professionals and consumers together instantly, with full metrics captured in our dashboard.

In short, customers get the fast service they want, salespeople get the quality leads they want, and business get the visibility into Top-of-the Funnel analytics and the increased conversions they want…all with Connect Now. To learn more, please check out www.connectnowinc.com


T3 Sixty provides consulting services, objective and in-depth information services, and leadership development through fact-based research and analysis coupled with a deep understanding of the inner-workings of the residential real estate brokerage industry. The company has an established and proven team of management consultants and the largest full-time team dedicated exclusively to this industry.

Founded in 1998 the company has served the largest real estate franchisors, many of the largest brokerage companies and high-growth teams, the National Association of Realtors®, many state and local Realtors associations, almost all of the largest MLS organizations and the most significant technology vendors covering every product category. Find out more here.