Lead Capture Plugin Product Update

Lead Capture Plugin Product Update

This month, Connect Now released a product update to our Lead Capture Plugin (formerly known as “CNipIT”). The Lead Capture Plugin is now available in a rectangular format, in addition to the traditional circle. Additionally, we’ve added a “Contact Form” option for when salespeople are not available to connect.


The rectangular Plugin (below), like the circular format, can be modified in multiple ways. Admins can change the accent color; change the name of the sales people (from “agents” to “reps” or “consultants”, for example); add additional required fields; set the Plugin to use the website font; add a horizontal company logo (it will appear at the top of the rectangular plugin); set the pop-up time and the location on the page where the CNipIT will appear; and activate the “contact form” option.

Connect Now Lead Capture Plugin

To explore these new options, login to your Connect Now Dashboard and go to “Settings” > “Lead Sources” > “Configure Plugin”. As always, you can get more information on our support site or by reaching out to support@connectnowinc.com

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