Waterfall Lead Assignment Rules

Get Leads to the Right Agents and Ensure a Quick Response with Waterfall Lead Routing

Waterfall lead routing lets rental managers notify the right agents of new leads while making sure that potential renters receive timely responses to their inquiries.

Ensure a Quick Response with Waterfall Lead Assignment Rules

Generally, rental managers use Connect Now’s waterfall routing to notify a listing agent and/or expert team of a lead in first position and then share that lead with a larger team to make sure it is claimed/that the lead receives a response within 5 minutes. As such, the first stage in the waterfall is typically 2 – 3 minutes.

Using address routing, leads for a particular building can go to an agent or team who specializes in that building and then waterfall to a larger team, then (optionally) to an admin or broker.

Leads for a particular agent or agent team can go to that person/team first and then waterfall to a larger team or a whole office.

Once a lead has “moved on” to the next group or person in a waterfall, it remains open/claimable by the people who are higher up in the waterfall. In other words, if a listing agent is unable to grab a lead in the first few minutes, s/he can still claim it later, as long as the lead remains unclaimed.

A claiming agent who qualifies a lead but is unable to help them at the present time or wants to refer to them to another team member can share or reassign that lead to another team member.

Similarly, a lead claimed by an admin or team member can be reassigned to the listing agent (or another salesperson) at any time. If shared, both parties will see full contact information, tags, notes, and communications and inquiry history. If reassigned, the receiving party can also see the full lead information and history.

A stage in a waterfall can consist of a single individual, a team, or an individually-configured group. Each stage is associated with a time (in seconds) after which the lead notification goes to available against in the next stage or bucket. Setup can happen quickly in the Connect Now administrative dashboard.

There are few things worse for an agent and a business than leads getting stuck in an inbox and getting forgotten (or going stale) because someone is too busy to handle them at a particular time. Connect Now gets lead to the right people in a mobile app and makes sure that all leads get handled in a timely manner so businesses never miss another opportunity.

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