Connect Now’s Lead Capture Plugin Features & Functionality

Connect Now’s Lead Capture Plugin, which can be installed by adding a line of JavaScript code to a website’s footer or on an individual page, is an availability-based pop-up that invites consumers to “connect now” with available salespeople.

Watch the video to learn more:

The pop-up appears on a page when salespeople on a given “team” (a “team” consists of one or more salespeople) are available in the Connect Now app, and data collected there immediately notifies the available salespeople, who then reach out to the consumer via text or phone.

Lead Capture Plugin Configurability

As an alternative to chat, the plugin enables instant connection with an expert, and can be customized by:

  • Accent color;
  • Format (circular or rectangular);
  • Country code (for phone number input) and language (currently English, Spanish, Italian);
  • Name for a salesperson (e.g “rep”, ”agent”, “consultant”);
  • Required fields (can add “email” and a required, customizable “drop-down” with custom-defined fields);
  • Position (where it appears on the page);
  • Pop-up Time (e.g. 5 seconds, 10 seconds, on scroll);
  • Modal (on non-modal);
  • Website Font (The pop-up will use the primary website font, rather than its own);
  • “Contact Form” option (if no users are available) — the plugin does not pop up, but a “chat” icon appears that users can click on to submit a contact form.

Lead Capture Functionality

A few notes on the how the plugin works from the consumer’s perspective:

  • The plugin will only pop up once during a session, and then only if a salesperson is available to connect.
  • If the consumer closes/minimizes the cnipit, the icon will remain in the bottom right corner for that session until such time as they submit information but will not re-open on its own.
  • If the consumer submits a request to connect, the icon will disappear and the pop-up will not re-appear.
  • If a salesperson “claims”/reaches out to the lead within one minute (ideal and common behavior), the consumer will get a message that they will shortly get a text or call from that salesperson, with the person’s picture and phone number.
  • If no one reaches out within one minute, the users gets a message that says “We’re sorry. We’ve received your information and someone will reach out shortly.”

See how simple and fast following up with each incoming lead can be with Connect Now’s Lead Capture Plugin.

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