CNipIT Pop-up Tool Reviewed by Craig Rowe of Inman News

Connect Now’s CNipIT Pop-up Doesn’t Let Web Leads Leave

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Of the features in the Connect Now platform, CNipIT Pop-up tool is similar to live chat tools. It leverages agent availability, helps keep mobile agents connected to their home offices.  And to help brokerages weather the tough business environment during COVID-19, it is available free for 30 days.  (Sign up here)

Organic lead capture is becoming increasingly difficult. The race to buy leads has led to an industrywide, self-perpetuating bidding war. With a little bit of marketing acumen, sales talent and some web tech, you can stop worrying about your skyrocketing budget for bought leads. CNipIT Pop-up is similar to a live chat tool, but built around the concept of floor hours. Deployed on your website, this handy applet materializes as a branded pop-up when someone visits your site.

Yes, we’ve seen this in countless iterations on many of the industry’s CRM products. Pop-up engagement with live people is not at all new. However, with speed and personalization being critical to securing online business these days, CNipIT is different in that it displays the names and faces of agents who are available at that moment to take their call or text. CNipIT can also help link remote agents to their home office, as it can be accessed and responded to from anywhere. Missed leads can be redirected to the next available agent, a feature common in lead routing solutions.


CNipIT Pop-up collects leads directly from your website!

Connect Now’s CNipIT Pop-up as seen on Boston brokerage, Benjamin Apartments’ website

On the backend, a dashboard tracks and manages percentage of agent uptime, leads claimed, the number of requests and other helpful metrics.  A full review of CNipIT Pop-up and the overall platform, including a very handy lead routing app, will be run on Inman in a few weeks. CNipIT is used in one part of the app’s lead capture funnel.The company is offering agents a free month of use upon sign-up.  (Sign up here)  Installation requires little tech wizardry, relying on only a few lines of code, so new users can add it to their site in seconds.

Connect Now Online Analytics Dashboard

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