We're happy to announce Connect Now partnership with Realty World Mexico!

Connect Now Partnership With Realty World Mexico

Connect Now, Inc. working in conjunction with their joint partner, The Global Referral Center is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with IP Virtual Solutions to provide to the real estate industry within Mexico the tools to respond to consumers in seconds and gain a competitive edge starting with Realty World Mexico.

Connect Now, founded in 2018, provides software tools that enables Realty World Mexico’s regional brokerages’ websites to display an engaging lead capture pop-up, which has increased lead generation by 95%.  Once the consumer submits an inquiry about a property of interest, any of the agents who are available to respond can claim the lead and begin conversations with the consumer in an average of 14 seconds via the Connect Now mobile app. And because Connect Now also consolidates website leads with other leads generated via 3rd party sources, agents can manage all customer conversations during the sales process easily, via the same app.

Realty World Mexico – Connect Now Partnership

“The ability to respond to inquiries immediately was a game-changer for us.  Our client portfolio has grown significantly since we began working with Connect Now”, said Myrthea De La Pena, Franchise Director for Realty World Mexico.  “Before using Connect Now’s product, we were also unable to track how quickly inquiries received a response…if at all…nor could we track the progress our agents were making toward closed transactions. With Connect Now’s online dashboard, all of these valuable insights are now at our fingertips.”

“We are excited to be working with IP Virtual Solutions and the Realty World Mexico family of brokerages.  Their early and enthusiastic adoption of our tool proves how a savvy organization can be made even more successful with the right tools,” said Joshua E. Davidson, Chief Executive Officer.  “Their feedback continues to drive enhancements to our current product, as well as the development of new capabilities that benefit all of our customers,” said Rachael Burger, Chief Product Officer at Connect Now Inc.

As an indication of the commitment between the two companies, Connect Now supports 13 Realty World franchisee offices throughout Mexico, and almost 300 real estate agents who use its mobile app every day.  And, the user base continues to expand to new offices and new users, weekly.



In our fast-paced, on-demand world, consumers expect fast solutions in their moment of need. Salespeople know that responding more quickly to motivated buyers equals more business. And business leaders want better visibility & ROI throughout the sales process. Connect Now is the intelligent, plug-and-play technology platform that delivers all three – by bringing available sales professionals and consumers together instantly, with full metrics captured in our dashboard. In short, customers get the fast service they want, salespeople get the quality leads they want, and business get the visibility into Top-of-the Funnel analytics and the increased conversions they want…all with Connect Now. To learn more, please check out www.connectnowinc.com


IP Virtual Solutions is an innovative company that seeks to change the way real estate companies provide their services in Mexico.  Our goal is to give technology tools that help brokers and agents do their job efficiently in order to increase their productivity and revenue.


REALTY WORLD Mexico is the largest real estate franchise network in Nuevo León, which since its arrival in our country in 1994 has been concerned with seeking the greatest benefits for all its licensees. REALTY WORLD Mexico is the only real estate franchise whose members of the Board of Directors are dedicated to the real estate business 100% of their time, which guarantees their knowledge and the highest experience in the field.  All of the company’s work systems are fully tested for their effectiveness and are continuously improving and evolving, keeping the company at the forefront of real estate technology and brokerage operations.  The firm has 50 brokerages and 600 agents throughout Mexico.  Visit us at https://www.realtyworld.com.mx/


Global Referral Center, with corporate offices in Southern Florida, was established to provide the local residential real estate industry with a superior global referral system and marketing as well as to provide consulting services to  enterprising  brokerages internationally with both marketing and technological solutions for recruiting more agents ,more listings and increasing and managing leads   GRC has established relationships throughout U.S., London, South and Central America, Asia and the Middle East.  The firm was founded by Gabriel Acosta, Peter Leon, Nestor Ochoa and Ernie Blood, each of whom bring decades of experience in real estate, marketing, the mortgage industry and technology.  By bringing together strategic partnerships in these respective fields, combining them with mortgage servicing and a global real estate listing portal, www.TWPN.com, the firm has established itself as both an innovator and market disruptor within the Real Estate industry both in the United States and around the world.  https://www.globalreferralcenter.com

For more information, contact:

Karen Norris
VP Sales and Marketing
Connect Now Inc.
Tel: 617-435-4789
Email: karen@connectnowinc.com

Jorge E. Paredes
IP Virtual Solutions
Tel: 512-952-8871

Myrthea de la Pena
Director of Franchisees
Realty World Mexico
Tel: +52 81 8220-8491
Email: myrthea@realtyworld.com.mx

Ernie Blood
Global Referral Center
Tel: 330-265-3850
Email: ernie.blood@cellahome.com

Curious how Connect Now’s tool works?  Check out our video.