Connect Now Pricing

Never lose a Lead Again

We make driving sales more affordable!


Plans Starting at $12.50/per User/MO*

*Enterprise plans may be even lower.

Instead of feature packages, we base all of our plans on the number of users on the plan. The more users you have, the less you will pay on a per-user basis. Every plan includes every single one of our features.

Unsure if we have a specific feature or integration?

Don’t be afraid to ask. Because if we don’t have what you need, then we can make it happen. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make every possible accommodation to meet your organization’s needs.


"Wow, seeing is believing! The ability to respond to leads in 5 seconds, using the Connect Now mobile app, really made a huge difference in our conversion rate. We generated 4 new clients from our first Facebook campaign alone!"
Brent Cramp Real Estate Agent and Coach, Keller Williams
Brent Cramp, Real Estate Agent and Coach, Keller Williams - ConnectNow testimonial


Is there a setup fee?

No, Connect Now pricing is completely transparent. There are no set up fees or hidden fees of any kind. Pricing is solely based on the number of users.

Is this a CRM?

Connect Now has many of the same features that make a CRM so effective. Connect Now can support and complement your existing CRM or be used as a stand-alone solution.

Do you have "X" feature?

Connect Now’s development team will be glad to help you create customized solutions to any of your organization’s specific needs. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

How do sales reps see incoming leads?

Salespeople will receive the lead’s contact information straight to your desktop or mobile app based on your lead assignment rules.

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