Good Lead Routing Strategy can help You converting more leads!

The Benefits of Successful Lead Routing Strategy

Successful lead management can be challenging, yet it becomes a core element of sales growth when appropriately implemented. A management team should try out different methods and technologies in order to select a lead routing strategy that creates the most conversions, saves the company time, ensures proper utilization of sales development budget, and results in high conversion rates.

An investment in the appropriate technology to refine and allocate incoming sales leads can transform this process into a far less stressful and substantially more productive experience. The benefits of implementing a successful lead routing strategy are endless for the company, management team, sales team members, and most importantly, the customers.

Why are Lead Routing Strategy and Lead Management tools Crucial to Success?

Implementing a successful plan for lead routing is not optional for business success. Before we venture further into the benefits of successful routing of leads, let us look at the detrimental effects that a company with improper or unestablished lead routing suffers:

  • Loss of Leads
  • Lack of Quality Potential leads
  • Improper Data Matching resulting in Loss of Productivity
  • Wasted Money and Marketing Efforts Due to Lack of Proper Distribution of Leads
  • Unsatisfied Customers, Lack of Customer Attention
  • Inaccurate or Lost Data Measurements and Analytics

The issue among many businesses is their focus is solely on generating an abundance of leads. The downside of this strategy is that many of these leads are not ready to buy. When companies Generate mass traffic, they often fail to nurture acquired leads, resulting in a few conversions and a lack of follow-up.

Increased Productivity

About 80% of new leads never transform into successful sales.

Utilizing an automated lead routing system ensures that the most qualified sales team member responds to the lead. Having the most useful knowledge and understanding of the consumer’s needs is critical to converting leads and avoiding poor customer experience. The use of automatic data entry tools in your lead routing strategy results in more successful sales and less wasted productivity, passing sales leads throughout an organization.

Increased Lead Velocity Rate

According to HubSpot, 65% of businesses admit that generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge. With 470,000 visitors per month, the average organization generates 1,877 leads, 1,523 of which are quality leads. Of these, this results in approximately 300 new customers. Successful lead routing is a vital key to increasing the growth percentage of quality leads that can become customers.

Improved Utilization of Resources

If a company adheres to a successful lead routing plan, leads will go to the best-suited sales team member. According to a survey by LeanData, 1 in 4 sales leads generated by marketing campaigns are assigned inaccurately. When this ineffective event occurs, there are poor results. When leads are automatically sent to the appropriate sales representative, the likelihood of a successful sale increases dramatically. Utilizing sales team members with assigned leads, they are best suited to handle is crucial in lead management and results in increased customers, profits, and overall positive results.

Happy Customers Lead to Improved Ratings

Your lead routing strategy should make the buying process easier for the customer. By successfully routing customer calls to the appropriate representative and professionally training the sales staff to provide a customer-driven experience, company reviews and ratings will soar. The greater trust the customer has in the business, the easier the buying process becomes. The increased focus on customer experience is enormously beneficial to current and future business success. With a plan in place that ensures that lead nurturing occurs, leads are not lost in bulk traffic, and these leads are more likely to convert to customers.

Employee Morale

Successful businesses have structures where team members work in harmony and are content within their work environment. Unhappy team members possess the potential to destroy business prospects and company reputation. With a proper lead management system in place, the information is distributed among your sales team members quickly and selectively. Connect Now’s Lead Routing Solution offers sales reps access to leads in real-time, while managers control the entire process with a detailed analytics dashboard. We help you create a healthy, data-driven sales process with fewer mistakes and fewer miscommunications for greater team solidarity.

Lead Management Team

A successful lead management system creates an incredibly smooth and efficient process for the lead management team. By using the industry’s most advanced tools available, managers can easily access any necessary data to adjust strategy quickly. Lead management is also given the resources to create situations that make most company resources by rapidly identifying the Top-of-the-Funnel efforts’ ROI. The immediate data analytics, customer nurturing, and closed transactions result in financial gains.

Additional Benefits of Successful Lead Routing:
  • Close-Win Rate Increases
  • Easier Processes for Sales Team Members and Customers
  • Increase in Revenue and Company Bonuses

KPI Improvements

Key Performance Indicators (KPI), including employee productivity and cost control, will experience a dramatic improvement due to successful lead routing. KPI improvements mean numerous benefits for the company and employees. Lead management data analytics quickly identifies achieved KPI’s and accountability statistics for streamlined management decisions. This will result in an improved company image, satisfied management, and a direct effect on management bonuses.

Lead Routing Strategy

There are many crucial elements that one must implement to create a successful strategy for the management of lead routing. When done successfully, lead routing will create a better sales team, increase revenue, resulting in higher workplace productivity, happier sales team members, and satisfied customers. Software and sales team training is a key step that requires an implementation to reap these benefits. But when done correctly, this customer-driven, sales-generating, and endless opportunity will create an impressive number of benefits for all involved.

To properly manage generated sales leads, it is vital to obtain the right software and tools for successful lead routing.

We are happy to assist in your search for quality, effective, and efficient lead routing management. Try Connect Now and never miss quality sales again!