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At Connect Now, our priority is to deliver a lead management solution that routes sales inquiries instantly to the right person on your team at the right time!

Connect Now helps 5,000+ sales professionals worldwide turn digital leads into conversations and sales.

"Wow, seeing is believing! The ability to respond to leads in 5 seconds, using the Connect Now mobile app, really made a huge difference in our conversion rate. We generated 4 new clients from our first Facebook campaign alone!"
Brent Cramp Real Estate Agent and Coach, Keller Williams
Brent Cramp - ConnectNow testimonial

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  • You feel like we’re losing leads, but don’t know where to find that information.
  • You feel like you could make a lot more money if your team followed up more.
  • You think it’s important to contact leads quickly and don’t know how fast my team is responding to leads.
  • You can’t find anything that integrates with all of your lead management platforms or tools.
  • You wish you could have all your leads flow into a single easy to navigate platform.
  • You feel like CRMs are complicated and overwhelming.
  • Your team has a problem with remembering to leave notes on their leads.
  • You have a feeling that you could be making more sales with the leads that you’re already getting.

Leave Less Money on the Table With Connect Now. Save time and make more money with automation, better insights, and instant lead response.

Distribute automatically
Send your leads directly to the sales rep who is the best fit to close the deal. And do it without lifting a finger.

Connect Instantly
Improve your persuasive power by connecting with your hottest leads the exact moment they’re looking to make a decision.

Track Effortlessly
Find how many leads aren’t being contacted, where they are in the pipeline, and how fast reps are contacting.

Automated Lead Routing


A Match Made In Heaven

Someone fills out a form and turns into a lead. You get the email and read it. Take a minute to think of the best person for the job or to whom the lead belongs. We automate this.

- Fully integrates with your current tech stack
- An exhaustive list of lead assignment rules
- Free up more time to help your sales team

Make more sales by sending your leads to the best sales rep or agent to seal the deal.


"Before using Connect Now's product, we were unable to track how quickly inquiries received a response... if at all... nor could we track the progress our agents were making toward closed transactions. With Connect Now's online dashboard, all of these valuable insights are now at our fingerprints."
Myrthea de la Pena
Director of Franchisees,
Realty World Mexico
Myrthea de la Pena - ConnectNow testimonial

Contact Leads Instantly

Connect Now Lead Management Software mobile application view

Connect Fast or Be Last


Imagine going out to buy a car. What would you think if you find the one that you love and wave down the sales rep. They wander over to you to say they will be back in contact with you after 24-48 hours. This is why speed to lead matters. - Respond to leads in as little as 1.45 seconds - Set scheduled times to receive leads - Connect anytime or anywhere with our mobile app

Close more deals by connecting with your leads the exact moment they’re ready to speak with a sales rep.


detailed agent accountability

real time analytics of lead sources

quick overview of leads and agent resposne

geo market data by source

Detailed Analytics for better Lead Management Easy Lead Management with geographical marketing data Overview, reports and more! image/svg+xml

Lead Tracking & Management


Become a Know It All


How many leads is each of your reps receiving? Where are the best leads coming from? Who’s “dropping the ball”? If it can be measured, it can be improved. With our insights, you can do a lot more improving.
-See the number of leads that haven’t been contacted
-Always remember what happened during the last call with instant note prompts.
-Know precisely where all the best leads are coming from

Get critical key insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Displayed visually so you can make better decisions faster.


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